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Skrevet av: Sebastian

my name is Sebastian and I am a student from Germany. I am going to study at the University of Oslo for 10 months (from August 2013 to June 2014).

In Germany I played table tennis in a team since 2004 and I would like to be a team member in Oslo as well. Is there a possibility to join one of your teams for the game series 2013-14 ?

I have no idea which is the best team or league for me, perhaps you can help me to find it out. In the season 2012-13 my league was the ninth highest league out of fifteen leagues in Germany. My TTR-value is about 1570. Nearly everyone who plays in a German table tennis league has a TTR-value. Maybe you have heard about it and can help me to assess my playing ability.

Best Regards,

Skrevet av: Magnus
Hi Sebastian,We would be happy to have you in one of our teams. I don't know the TTR-value system. Maybe you can link to some videos of players in the ninth league.Here is a video from our team in the 2. divisjon (3rd league in Norway).We will be planning next seasons teams during the summer. There is also a deadline of September 1st to report foreign players in the teams.Please contact me on magnus at vikstrom dot no and I get give you some more info.

Skrevet av: Magnus
Here is the link:

Skrevet av: Magnus
Trying again: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Os-mEQPyXqY&list=UUQk_vS1CEBRHulMb6Ery3FQ&index=4

Skrevet av: Sebastian
Hei,the training on thursday 26th of June is going to be my very last training at Kjelsås before I move back to München.Yes, that's right, I will leave Norway.Therefore I have to say goodbye and I will bring some german beers to the training and I hope to see all of you on thursday! Remeber that it could be the last chance in your whole life to play a match against me ;-)Best Regards,Sebastian

Skrevet av: Tor H
Synd vi mister deg Sebastian - du spiller bra og er en hyggelig fyr - lykke til både med jobb og bordtennis i Tyskland - vi vil savne deg !

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