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Skrevet av: Somebody to play wit
Hi everybody. I\'m very keen on table tennis and currently on a pretty long business trip in Oslo. I\'m 24 years old and I\'m from Ukraine. I\'m looking for someone to arrange a game with or any info about when I can come and find somebody to play with. I\'m not bad at playing and going to be competitive as much as I can :). You may contact me via mail oleksandr.dushyn@gmail.com. Excuse me, if here is not a right place for posting this.

Skrevet av: Kristian R
Hi. There will be players there tomorrow from approx 1800. Ask for Knut and he will help you. Best regards Kristian

Skrevet av: Oleksandr
Hi, thank you a lot! I will come today.

Skrevet av: Kristian R
There is always players there depending on your level. Knut will help you find an appropiate player

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